ColorFashion Black

Length 73cm * Width 65cm * High 110cm ~ 117cm

Seat Height47cm ~ 54cm

CasterNylon Caster

> Range to adjust the height of headrest is about 4cm.

> The angle of headrest is also allow to be adjust and it’s about 80 degree.

> The range of angle for adjustable handrest is about 20 degree.

> The range of height for adjustable handrest is about 6cm.

> Height of beckrest is adjustable and the range is about 6.5cm.

> You may also adjust the depth of the seat in the range of 5cm.

> The height of seat is able to change in the range of 7cm.

> The backrest can be tlit backward. Three angles of backrest tilting can be chosen, it’s 90, 110 degree.

> Also the elasity of backrest tilting is adjustable.